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Introduction to Iowa driver license: Buckle up and get ready to get to town drinking here in Iowa. And no, you don’t have to worry about being 21. Not when you have our Iowa fake ID at your disposal.

Iowa is somewhat of a weird state to be in. It’s nicknamed as the Hawkeye State and is famous for its production of corn. This somehow makes it the most interesting and boring state all at the same time.

There’s more to Iowa than just staring at corn fields all day. You might be surprised to know that this humble state can get down to party when the time comes. Thus, if you’re keen on boozing up, this might be the place to be.

About: Iowa’s drinking rates tend to be some of the highest in the country. This state ranks a modest 7th on the list of states that drink the most. Roughly 21% of the adult population here drinks excessively, which is well over the national average.

It is safe to say that Iowa is a state of people who like to drink without any inhibition or limits. A lot of your drinking experience here will have no holds barred.

Iowa’s Drinking Culture: The drinking culture in this state is strong, so there’s a big need to brace yourself if you do not want to end up blackout drunk. The drinking scene can sometimes get so out of control that it has led to a ban of alcohol events on the state’s campuses.

Iowa has a secret love of drinks like whiskey, while you can also find some cocktails being consumed like the Long Island iced tea as well as whiskey sours.


Iowa has no shortage of bars where you can drink at, but it does have a shortage of bars that will take your fake ID at face value.

  1.  El Bait Shop in Des Moines: It has a great selection of beer on tap, and the atmosphere is chill enough to not look at your ID too closely.
  2. The Greenwood Lounge: A Des Moines classic dive that provides cheap beer, great decor and classic hits. True to the nature of classic dives, ID checks aren’t anything more than a formality.


Some bars in Iowa will expect you to pull out a genuine ID no matter what.

  1. Up-Down in Des Moines: A prime example of that. It is a gamer bar that caters to the 80s and 90s gaming and its ID checks are pretty strict.
  2. The Royal Mile: It is another classy joint with excellent drinks that favors soccer fans but not underage soccer fans, so bring your ID.

Drinking Laws in Iowa: Iowa’s state laws for drinking are fairly clear. You can’t have alcohol under 21 unless in the supervision of a parent or guardian. Using a counterfeit ID will almost always land you in jail, having to serve a fine, or both.


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