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Introduction: Buy fake Virginia ID, What better way to break the shackles of age restricting drinking laws than to get drunk in the very state that brought forth the concept of liberty and freedom? But how do you do it? With our professionally crafted Virginia fake ID.

Virginia carries a lot of prestige with its name. This state was the birthplace of the nation owing to one of the first settlements in Jamestown. It’s also widely renowned as being the birthplace for countless presidents such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and others.

About: Virginia has a fair bit of drinkers here and there scattered throughout the state. You’ll find that a healthy 17.4% of the adult population of Virginia drinks excessively Buy fake Virginia ID

These are hardly groundbreaking numbers when you look at the 18% national average. But they’re nothing to scoff at either. You can find your fair share of drinking and partying buddies if you know where to look.

Virginia Drinking Culture: You’re not going to find a large and celebrated drinking culture in Virginia. What you will find however, is a nice small scale craft scene that grows bigger and brighter each year.

Most drinks you’ll find in Virginia are locally made beers by local crafters. If you venture out a bit to the state’s main hubs, you’ll come into contact with the countless cocktail places that do whiskey and vodka based cocktails.


Virginia’s bars aren’t super strict with their ID checks. In fact, you can find dozens of bars that will take your fakes with little resistance.

  1. Apocalypse Ale in Forest: It happens to be one of those joints. It’s got the best beer in town and arguably the state. There’s plenty to be enjoyed here and fake IDs are as welcome as your patronage.
  2. The Birchmere: An Alexandria joint that does the holy trifecta of good venues; great food, great drinks, and great music. You won’t feel the least bit out of place with your fake ID.


Virginia is no stranger to giving you’re the iron door if you can’t prove yourself with a piece of hard plastic. Here are some bars that will demand your ID.

  • As the name implies, Ultra Craft Cocktails is a place where you can enjoy the best crafted cocktails around. If you’re in Virginia beach and have an ID on you, check this place out.
  • Billsburg Brewery is a Williamsberg craft beer place that combines great drinks with great views and an amazing atmosphere. Brining an ID is a must here.

Drinking Laws in Virginia: Drinking and buying alcohol under 21 is considered a crime in Virginia especially if you use a fake ID. You can be fined up to $2,500 or face a year in jail. But drinking in a private residence with a  parent is considered acceptable regardless of your age.


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